About Ale

Welcome to my food blog. I’m Alessandro, but you can call me Ale.

I was born and organically raised in Italy, moved to NYC in 2010. I work in advertising as a creative, I’m not a professional chef. But I always liked cooking and trying to make things by myself, experimenting with food and pans. Mine are simple things, rich flavors and traditional Italian recipes. This is how I make them.

My friends always say I should open a restaurant, thought a blog would be easier…

I was born in Abruzzo, on the east coast of Italy, but grew up in Rome. I guess my cooking was deeply influenced by those places. And by the amazing cooks I met along the way. Starting with my maternal grandmother, my dad and many other.

When I was a kid, during vacations, I remember waking up and having breakfast while my “nonna” was already cooking lunch. Traditional recipes, amazing flavors and smells, what a beautiful way to start a day off school… As I grew up I kept being fascinated with cooking.

The chance to achieve and recreate certain specific flavors is like magic to me.

It enables me to go back in time, and experience something for the first time, every time I want.

I also like many other things. Traveling, photography, writing, beauty and learning about life, places and people.

English is not my first language, forgive the errors. Hope you enjoy these pages, let me know what you think.


7 thoughts on “About Ale

  1. karleenw55@gmail.com

    Ale, I like your blog. The Gnocchi, Zucchine, Gorgonzola e Noci is amazing. I can’t wait to try the next recipe. Do you have a good pizza recipe? My husband and I stayed at your mother’s wonderful Bed & Breakfast last year and enjoyed the pizza that we ate at Pani Pizza but we enjoy all pizza. Thank you, Karleen

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    • Ale

      Thanks a lot Karleen, happy to hear you like my blog and had a good time at my mom B&B in Rome.
      I do have a great pizza recipe, just have to find the time to make it and post the recipe… but stay tuned.
      Have a great day! Ale


  2. Pau Coll (@paucoll)

    Hi Ale, Great blog and pictures! we just got back from Rome… we stayed at a Great B&B hosted by a wonderful lady named ADELE ;-). I just got the link to your blog and as a good Spaniard that grew up at the kitchen cooking and chatting to my mother… we will try your suggestions and close our eyes to have a taste of “la bella Italia”.

    Best, Pau & Dee

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  3. marina

    I am italian, I live in Milan . I still love cooking, despite of fashions. I love your proposals , it’s a great idea to share knowledge and mutually grow the food consciousness. Well done !


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