Kobe Beef Ragú or Bolognese a-la-Ale


Bolognese is probably one of the most famous Italian sauces in the world. It takes time to make it, but it’s always a big satisfaction when you bring it to the table. Since the long slow cooking time, it’s a typical Sunday dish and when I make it, I generally make egg pasta while it cooks. Continue reading “Kobe Beef Ragú or Bolognese a-la-Ale”


Spaghetti with Lobster

DSC02601.JPGMmmm, crustacea… I like them all. One of the great things of being in North America is that they sell fresh live lobsters almost everywhere. Even the small supermarket near my apartment has a water tank with live lobsters in it… This recipe is probably my favorite way to make the best out of these amazing cold water delicacies. Continue reading “Spaghetti with Lobster”

Porcini Mushroom Risotto


Ah… Risotto. Learn how to make one and you’ll be able to make them all. This is one of my favorite, especially with fresh porcini mushroom. And it’s a good fist-risotto to learn. I remember when I was a kid, on spring and autumn weekends, going with my dad in the countryside around Rome, looking for these authentic gems of the woods. You need humid weather, with warm sun peaking out

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Gnocchi, Zucchini, Gorgonzola and Walnuts


This is a pretty easy recipe that won’t miss to impress your guests, especially if they like gnocchi. If done properly the flavors will blend and the sweetness of the zucchini will milden the pungent taste of the gorgonzola. Let’s start, you’ll need 2 pans and a pot of boiling water for the gnocchi. Continue reading “Gnocchi, Zucchini, Gorgonzola and Walnuts”

Pasta Carbonara


Let’s get the Italian basics out of the way. My second post is on another famous dish. Ladies and Gents, her Majesty, La Carbonara.

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Pasta alle Vongole


This is absolutely one of my favorite Italian recipes. It really captures the essence of Italian cooking; a few prime ingredients, put together wisely to deliver amazing flavor.

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