Gnocchi, Zucchini, Gorgonzola and Walnuts


This is a pretty easy recipe that won’t miss to impress your guests, especially if they like gnocchi. If done properly the flavors will blend and the sweetness of the zucchini will milden the pungent taste of the gorgonzola. Let’s start, you’ll need 2 pans and a pot of boiling water for the gnocchi. Continue reading “Gnocchi, Zucchini, Gorgonzola and Walnuts”


Chickpea soup


This is an old favorite, very simple, basic and full of flavor. It’s a poor dish, very popular across the peninsula. Chickpeas are on of my favorite legumes (with Borlotti Beans) and I always feel lucky when I find them fresh. Continue reading “Chickpea soup”

Lamb tagine, almonds and prunes


Last December I was in Morocco with my brother. We traveled across the country, visiting cities and villages along the way. It’s a magical country, very safe to travel and people are generally nice and charming.

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Charred broccoli & Crunchy Brussel sprouts

Double post today for two of my favorite sides. Super easy to make, healthy and full of taste. I told you my cooking was easy, but these are really impossible to fail.

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Little Meatballs with White Wine


I’m always a little hesitant toward meatballs. I never order them in restaurants. The reason is that I want to know what’s inside and make sure everything is prime, clean and absolutely fresh.

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Pasta Carbonara


Let’s get the Italian basics out of the way. My second post is on another famous dish. Ladies and Gents, her Majesty, La Carbonara.

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Pasta alle Vongole


This is absolutely one of my favorite Italian recipes. It really captures the essence of Italian cooking; a few prime ingredients, put together wisely to deliver amazing flavor.

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