Kobe Beef Ragú or Bolognese a-la-Ale


Bolognese is probably one of the most famous Italian sauces in the world. It takes time to make it, but it’s always a big satisfaction when you bring it to the table. Since the long slow cooking time, it’s a typical Sunday dish and when I make it, I generally make egg pasta while it cooks. Continue reading “Kobe Beef Ragú or Bolognese a-la-Ale”


Chickpea soup


This is an old favorite, very simple, basic and full of flavor. It’s a poor dish, very popular across the peninsula. Chickpeas are on of my favorite legumes (with Borlotti Beans) and I always feel lucky when I find them fresh. Continue reading “Chickpea soup”

Pasta Carbonara


Let’s get the Italian basics out of the way. My second post is on another famous dish. Ladies and Gents, her Majesty, La Carbonara.

Continue reading “Pasta Carbonara”